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Blog Introduction:

If you want to do something online that doesn't require you to put in much effort and keep earning and you want to earn $1000 to $10000 per month online from home. This article has come to the right place, we have brought you a complete Blogger Earning Course

In this, you will learn how to create a new blogger website, how to fully customize it and how write articles, how to get a domain, and how to monetize.

But before that, let me tell you what is Blogger. Blogger is an earning platform and it is a product of Google and Google also gives you earnings. You simply have to write articles on it and Google has to apply. Google checks your blog

After checking, if there is no privacy violation in your article or website, your blog will be approved by Google and your blog will be monetized and you will get a monthly salary. You will receive monthly earnings based on the number of views you receive on your blog.

Blogger Policy:

Blogger has a high-level policy of must follow if you don't follow this you can never earn from blogger google.

You have to write your own articles on Blogger, when you have written thirty or forty articles of your own, you have to apply Blogger to Google and your blog will be monetized and you will be able to earn, but remember you are a blogger. But you can't publish any article that is already on Google, that is, you don't do any copy-paste work, and you don't copy someone's article and put it on your website blog, otherwise you will never earn money from Google.

So let's take a look at what you need to do first on your topic and how to get started.

1: Create a blog

To create a blog, you must have a new fresh Gmail account, after that, you have to go to your Google Chrome and you have to search Create Blog, the blogger's website will open in front of you. There will be an option in front of creating a blog, there you have to create a blog, first of all, you have to give your username, then you have to give the domain name, whatever you like, but in a simple blog, you have to count in the domain name. You have to use the word numbers or else your blog will not be created. When your blog is created, One has to buy a domain and Lenny you have a Namecheap Go Daddy and many other platforms of domains where you can get your own domain.

2: Theme

After you have created your blog and set domain etc. then the next step comes in front of you. Now, what is this theme? Put that shopper or box as the theme of your product, similarly, you need them to be on the blog For Work.

You can also get themes from Google for free. You will go to Google Chrome and search there for Blogger Free Theme. Then many themes websites will open in front of you. From there you can download any good theme for free. can and use on the website

After you download the theme then you have to go to your blog dashboard and there you will find an option on the left side of the theme you have to click there but before that the theme you have downloaded is a zip file you have to unzip it and then go to your theme section and there you will get an option click on restore and select them and install it on your website.

3: Theme customizations

Now all you need to do is to customize the theme you have installed on your blog. This is very important because the theme you have installed defaults to the settings and customizations that the company has customized. But if you want to do the work, then you have to customize the customizations. If you don't know how to customize the theme, you can watch any video on YouTube. Not all the settings are the same, each theme has different settings.

Therefore, it is not possible to tell you this in the article.

4: Social media links

After that, the next option is you have to add social media links to your websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp and if you have some social media accounts then you can add

The benefit to you is that if your viewer wants to contact you, they can easily do so.

5: Main menu

In the main menu, you have to put if you open any website then at the top, you will see the categories if you want to see this post then open this menu. So You have to install menus. Installing menus is not a difficult task. You can learn how to install menus by watching any video.

In this article, there was work so far. In the next article, you will learn how to prepare a post, how to write your article, and how to edit an article, which is not a difficult task. You can surf the article in 1 hour of your time. You can write here and edit and publish on your blog website.

If you have learned something from our article, please share your valuable feedback in the comment box below, thanks.

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