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  This is part 2 of our blog course. If you haven't seen our first article, you can find the link below this article. You can watch and learn completely.

Here we are going to talk about how to write an article for your blog and how to publish it. We will tell you the complete method, so let's get started.

1: How to write a blog article

To write a blog article, first of all, you have to find a topic, on which topic you want to write an article. If it is not coming, if you search for any topic on YouTube, many videos will open in front of you, open the video you like best.

You should try to watch the video a little longer, i.e. 10 or 15 minutes, and listen carefully to the person who is speaking in the video.

When you watch the whole video, extract the summary of the video, meaning what he said, you don't have to write the same thing, but understand it, and you will get an idea, now you have to write a good article on this topic by yourself. The longer your article is at least 1000 words, the faster your website will rank and the faster you will get approval from Google.

2:How To Edit Article

You should not write the article in one go but write it in different paragraphs and write it beautifully. If you look at this article carefully, you will find separate headings for each paragraph. This is how you write the article.

When you have finished writing the article, you have to change the fonts of the heading. You can use Micro Soft Office for editing the article, which is also called MS Word in short, it is better if you use it.

3: How to publish an article on a blog

When you are done editing the article, you think that your article is ready, then you have to go to your blog dashboard, there you have to click on the new post button on the left side and publish the article in front of you. page will appear

Copy your edited article there and paste it on your blog, after that you have to give the title of your article.

Give a nice, unique title, and use keywords that are highly searched and similar to your topic.

After that, the categories you have created mean your main menu, you will get an option on the right side at the top, there you have to put a comma and name your menu if your post is in the categories you have selected. If not, you have to set your menu by watching any video on YouTube

  Then on the bottom right side, you will find the option of search descriptions, there you have to apply keywords according to your topic, this is very important, as the chances of your post being ranked are 100%.

4: Add your blog to Google Search Console

Now you have to install your blog website in google search console you have to go to settings from your blog dashboard at the end of the setting option you will find the search console option click on it a new page will open in front of you Go to Search Console

You have to copy your website domain and paste it into the search console page there you will see two options you have to put your domain in url prefix

And click submit and your website will appear in the search console.

5: Blog Basic Setting

After that you have to go to the settings of your blog dashboard, there you have to find the time cookie option and find your country and set the time.

After that, you have to add blog descriptions and set up your blog profile

It is also called like icon

After all these settings your blog website is ready but you have to keep working hard and your blog will be complete when you monetize it and start earning.

6: Submit your website to Google Analytics

If you put your website in Google Analytics, you will know where the views on your website are coming from, which country, which city, and how many views are currently available on your website. You will know how many people are reading the articles here.

Advance tips for blogging

If you want to earn from a blog and can write articles by yourself then you can copy any topic article from any website and open a website called spinbot and your article which you copied. Paste it there and spinbot will benefit you by removing any copyright from your article and making your article a new one.

After that, open a website called Dupli Checker and paste the Spin botted article there. This website will tell you whether your article is unique or not.

Important Note:

Earning from a blog is not difficult, you just need to get a domain, write an article here and start earning from your website. We hope that you have learned something new from our course. If you have learned something, please share your valuable feedback in the comment box below, thanks.

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