How to Become a YouTuber How to earn money on YouTube Youtube Course Part 2

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You learned how to create and set up your YouTube channel in the first part of our YouTube course. If you haven't read that article, click on the link below to read that article first. So that you have a complete understanding and don't miss anything, let's move on to our next lesson, what should you do next?

Now in this article, we will learn how to make and upload videos, how to title the video, what steps you need to complete before publishing the video, and how to edit the video after making it. We are going to tell you everything to do, so let's move on to our first step.

How to make a video?

To make a video, you should have a mobile phone with a clean camera. If you buy a camera, it is better, but if you can do it with a mobile phone, there is no problem. you do You have to make videos in HD quality. So that the viewer gets impressed by watching your videos and gives a good rating to your video.

How to edit videos?

To edit videos, if you have a computer or laptop, you can use software called Mini Tool Movie Maker. You can also crop and apply filters etc. and many other awesome features in this software. This software has a lot of amazing features that make your videos look amazing and impress your viewers.

But if you edit videos from mobile then you can use Kine Master in this software you can edit the best type of video you want.

You need to remember that if you have made any mistake in your video, you will have to cut it, wherever you have made any mistake in your video, you need to correct it as much as you can. The better you edit your videos, the more chances your videos will go viral.

How to upload videos?

To upload videos to YouTube, you first go to the YouTube Studio of your Chrome browser or download the YouTube Studio app from the Play Store. After going to the YouTube Studio, you can upload to YouTube. You will get the option of video, you have to select and upload the video from your gallery and by the time your video is uploaded, you have to put the title of your video whatever your topic is according to your topic. You will add a nice searchable title.

Then in the descriptions below you have to write a little about the topic of your video and then you have to add hashtags. You have to put keywords according to your topic and then below you get the option of tags, you have to put good tags which are more searchable.

How to install video thumbnails?

The next option you get which is the most important is that of thumbnails. You Need to make a nice impression thumbnail. You can learn how to make thumbnails by watching any YouTube video of your choice.

The thumbnail is the only thing that plays a positive role in making your video go viral. If you have a thumbnail on your video, your video will go viral 100%, but if you don't put a thumbnail, your video has a 20% chance of going viral. You can judge for yourself how important a thumbnail is to your video.

After completing all these things, you will get the next option there, you have to do next, a new page will open in front of you, there your video will be checked, if you have downloaded someone else's video somewhere. Uploaded If your video is your own, then you will not have any problem, but if you have used any part of someone else's video, you may get a copyright claim.

How to add subtitles to your video?

After that, you will get the next option Subtitle which means you can write whatever you are saying in your video and put it in your video so that whoever is watching your video can hear what you are saying. He can read as well if your video is in English then automatic English subtitles are added to your video but if your video is in any other language then you have to write a manual in English or any other language.

To add subtitles, YouTube itself tells you to add subtitles to your video so that your video can go to other countries, which means that your channel will grow very quickly and the earnings will also receive you from different countries. The reason is more and 50% more which is a good idea so we will tell you to put subtitles in your video.

After that, you have the option to publish you simply publish your video and if your channel is new then you can copy the link of your video and post it on social media when you reach a hundred views. If you start, stop sharing your link, why YouTube doesn't like sharing your videos, YouTube wants all your views to come from YouTube only.

Important Note:

We are done completely now, next, you have to check our next article to learn which link is given below.

From YouTube, you can earn millions of dollars or even thousands of dollars per month, but the impact is on your content. If your content is news, you can go viral very earning quickly and do better than if you have a vlog channel. Still, you can earn a lot better.

If you have learned anything from our article then share your valuable feedback in the below comment box thanks.

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