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If you have read and understood our Previous YouTube course article completely, then in this article we are going to tell you some basic privacy of YouTube which you must follow if you ignore this privacy. So you can never be successful or earn money on YouTube.

But before going further, if you haven't read our previous article then you must read it then you will have a complete understanding of this article. Below you are given the links to all the previous articles, you can visit them.

Which topic goes viral the fastest?

Topic No:1 News

If you are well educated then you can teach on youtube you can lecture any school or college class here or you can be a good motivator here

But if your education is not suitable for this job then you can also work by creating a news channel on YouTube here

News topic is a topic that grows very quickly, this topic is trending and there is some breaking news every day, so you can start a good channel by working on the news here and earn good monthly here.

You don't need to be in front of any camera to work on news, you can just record your voice and upload the video by adding a new image and a good news template with good editing.

Editing news videos is also very easy and you won't have to worry about views because breaking news is highly searched for.

Where to get a news template?

If you go to YouTube and search for green screen news templates, you will find many great news templates, whatever you like, you can download and use this template for free. Here you don't have to pay any kind of payment.

Where to get news?

You don't need to go out of your home to make news videos, you can get news sitting at your home, you just need to have an internet connection on your mobile phone, you should go to google and get news in any language you want. Search for news in it and many websites will open in front of you. If you like the news, you can make a video on it here.

Topic No. 2: Vloge

The next topic is you can make vlogs. Vlogs are a good topic. You can see growth very quickly. If you go out every day to your viewers, you have a good chance of being successful on YouTube.

In vlogs, you can tell someone about yourself if you have been to a famous place and take a tour there.

Topic No: 3 Online Courses

This topic of ours is great and interesting in that you can earn millions of dollars monthly at home but you always have to lose something to gain something. You are Youtube learning, then learn Facebook Amazon course, video editing course, and freelancing course, and also learn Blogger, after learning all this, create a tube channel

And start teaching all these courses that you have learned to your viewers on YouTube, the benefit of this will be that the video you are uploading on YouTube, you can upload the same video on Facebook, and the same video you Write a nice short article on Blogger and attach this video along with it.

If you do all this, you can earn from Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger, so you can earn millions of dollars per month from three real social earning platforms.

When you are done with the courses, you can do more things like tell about online real estate sites, and you can give offline and online business ideas to people here.

YouTube Privacy Policy!

There are YouTube policies that are important for you to understand...

1: You can't Upload any kind of blood on YouTube, which means you can't someone's murder Upload Videos, otherwise your channel will be terminated.

2: You cannot Upload Video any animal fight

3: You can't share sexual assault videos on YouTube

You cannot Upload any criminal in general

4: You can't download someone's videos from YouTube and put them on your channel.

Important Note:

Hope you liked our course and learned something must if you have learned anything new from here then you must share your valuable feedback in the comment box below.

Our next course is Blogger, you can also visit it here and learn more and learn how to earn.

Earning money online is not a difficult task when you learn how to work online it seems like a trivial task if you do one task in 3 hours before learning then do the same task in 1 hour after learning can

Even if you are illiterate, you can work online. Facebook and YouTube are the two only platforms on which millions of uneducated people are working.

If you are educated, do not waste your education but learn to use it.

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