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If you want to earn online from home then today we have brought you the best platform where you can earn online by working from home and earning as much as you want.

You all know and use this platform

Well, we keep telling you about different ways of online earning on this website, but today we have brought you a very simple platform called Facebook.

Yes, you can also earn money from Facebook at home with a very simple trick.

We will give you a complete guide on how to work on Facebook, what to do and how to earn, and how much you will earn monthly. So let's start today's work.

1: How to start working on Facebook?

To start working on Facebook, you first need to create a Facebook normal account. After creating an account, you need to create a Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook page is not difficult, you can create a page very easily here

But before you create a page, see what you want to do or what you can do.

First, find a topic for your page, then name your page accordingly and do the rest of the settings.

2: Facebook page

When you create a Facebook page, you have to give your username or not, then you have to set its security stage.

Then you have to create a perfect profile logo for the page, if you can't create it yourself, then get someone to create it or you can create a logo by paying from any freelancing website.

After that, you have to create a background banner for your page in the same way you create a YouTube banner.

Think of your Facebook page as your YouTube channel

there is not much difference between a YouTube channel and a Facebook page

But to be successful on YouTube you have to work hard and on the Facebook page, you can be successful very quickly here and you have to work very less. 

Earning from Facebook can also be more compared to YouTube, after that you get more views on the Amazing Scene Facebook page and your content goes viral very quickly.

3: How to work on Facebook?

Now let's talk about how you will work on the Facebook page

You can do different things on Facebook like if you are freelancing then you can also make videos to motivate people here and encourage people to freelance here.

After that, if you visit any famous place, you can make videos and upload them on Facebook.

You can do vlogging here if you know any skill you can take the full course on Facebook

If you have a shop, you can also promote it on Facebook

Facebook you can work both online and offline

But you just need to have a little experience, you can earn money by working on Facebook in many ways.

If you can't make videos by yourself, you can download Tik Tok videos and upload them.

4: Facebook Policy

Now let's talk about Facebook and there are some policies and requirements that you must fulfill

To start earning on Facebook, you have to complete 10 thousand followers on your page and you have to complete 60 thousand watch time minutes in the last 2 months, after that your page will be active and you can earn here.

5: How to make Facebook viral?

If you want to earn money by making your Facebook page go viral quickly, then you have two ways, one is to make your videos, i.e. good and excellent content, and make videos that people like to watch more.

And use good tags and keywords in your videos it makes your videos go viral very fast.

After that, if you have paid then you can pay Facebook to promote your page. If you pay Facebook then Facebook itself sends your page to more people which makes your page faster. Go viral and grow and your page will monetize quickly.

So you can work on Facebook in this way and earn here, you can earn on Facebook without investment and if you have an investment, you can earn from Facebook very quickly.

So, if you have learned something from this article, please share this article and give your valuable feedback. Thank you.

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