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If you don't have any skills or you don't have any online jobs that you can do then we have brought you the best online jobs that you can do and earn from them. It is not such a difficult task. There are very easy tasks. By doing these tasks, you can earn up to $10,000 per month at home. Here we will tell you how to work from home. And learn and start their work

But before that, you should remember that any work requires hard work whether it is working with investment or without investment.

Lecture No. 1

If you have any skill that you think is useless then you can use it to earn money online from home if you know video editing know image editing or you If you have any other skills, you simply have to go to your Google Chrome browser and search for your skills, many websites will open in front of you.

You have to go to page number 9/10 ie on the last page, you have to open all the websites according to your skill. For example, your skill is website SEO.

And then go to the contact page of these websites to contact them

After you contact them, you have to write to them that if you want to bring your website to the first page of Google and want to get the best SEO, then contact us by writing as much as you can to them. They will contact you every time they see your email and will make you pay for the SEO of your website.

Lecture number 2

In this all you have to do is speak and earn money by speaking you have to go to fiver there you have to create a gig called voiceover and you have to do good SEO of that gig using good tags so that you Let the gig rank quickly and you'll start getting orders quickly

What this means is that the customer gives you any text and you have to record it in audio, whatever language you are proficient in, you can record the audio in that language to your customer here.

And in return, he will pay you according to your wish.

Lecture No. 3

After that, if you want an even easier job, you can do that too. Here you have to create a gig on Fiver called Image Restoration. This job is also in high demand. You can earn up to 5000$ per month by doing this job. Here you simply do nothing. Your customer will give you some old images. You have to make them new. How do you do that? We tell you.

You have to go to your google chrome browser and search open this website and whatever old image you have upload your customer key and this website will generate a new image. This way you can earn by doing this work here.

Lecture number: 4

After that, if you can write, you can earn money just by writing. There is also a job on fiver where you just listen and write and people will pay you.

You also have to create a gig for this task and your customer will give you an audio or video in which you have to write down what is being said in the video and the transcripts of the full video. Write it down and give it to your customer in return he will give you the payment.

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