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Are you tired of doing private jobs and want to find a job that you want to do at home whenever you want, then you have come to the right place, we are going to tell you in this article today. What is the work that you can do at home and earn a good amount of money every month? There will be more And you can earn a lot of money every month. The jobs that we are going to tell you about here are some jobs that are completely free and some jobs that require a small investment.

And we will give you an introduction to all these online jobs in this article and in the next articles you will get the complete course. They just have to work hard. They are going to tell you about some of these jobs. If you want investment jobs, they can do it. If you want free jobs, they can also do it. But for free jobs, you have to effort a little more. You have to work hard, so when you start any work, you first plan how to do this work and then you invest in it or you work hard for this work.

So let's go and find out about these jobs, which jobs they are and how to do them, how much time you have to work and how much you will earn per month, then let's start.

1: YouTube

YouTube is an online earning platform on which you can create your own channel on any topic and earn by running it and secondly you become famous. Some people use YouTube to earn money. and some people use it just for fun. But if you want to earn it from home then you can earn a good amount you can earn 1000$ to 10000$ per month from YouTube you don't need any kind of investment to work on YouTube. There is no need, you just need to have a simple camera with clear results or if you have a mobile phone with a good clean camera, you can use that too.

All you have to do is learn how to work on YouTube which is not too difficult you can learn complete YouTube in a month and make yourself earn but there are some things you need to understand about YouTube. There are some requirements that have to be fulfilled. First of all, you will complete 1000 subscribers on your channel, after that you have to complete 4000 hours of watch time.  All After You will apply your channel to Google Ads and your channel will be monetized and then you can get your payment in any of your banks here.

 2: Blog

It comes after the blog YouTube which requires very little effort and you can easily earn more than YouTube monthly by just typing. Yes, you can't copy and paste here, otherwise, your blog won't monetize. Here you have to write and publish your own articles. It's easier than YouTube. On YouTube Wil shows your face, It happens but there is no such scene here and the funniest thing is that there are no strict conditions for blogging like YouTube. Here you will write 30 or 40 articles and your blog will go viral. You can apply it for monetization and your blog will be checked by Google and monetized in 2 or 3 days. 

The only thing is a blog that pays you more than YouTube. Just like YouTube, Google Ads pays you for the blog. Google is the biggest ads network in the world Google and blogs give you a commission from their ads earnings and YouTube also gives you the same earnings.

It is not difficult to learn a blog, you can learn this blog in a very short period of one month only, but working on a blog is not completely free. A domain is the name of any product like which is a domain and hosting is your memory where your articles are stored if you do it on WordPress. You have to get both things but if you do it work on blogger then you only have to get the domain and Google gives you hosting on their side. the domain you can easily get for 10$ or 15$.

3: Facebook

Facebook is a platform that you all know but if you are still using Facebook just for fun then you are doing wrong. You can also earn from Facebook if you want to. So working on Facebook is very easy, you just need to create a Facebook page and upload your videos on it and start earning from Facebook very quickly.

On the Facebook page, you just have to fulfill the requirements given in the last 60 days which are very few and very easy and you can earn from 500$ to 10000$ per month from Facebook and you not also get the issue of views on Facebook. On Facebook, you can get views very easily and make a good profit.

After that, you can earn on Facebook and many other ways like affiliate marketing, etc. Then you can transfer Facebook views to YouTube and blog and other earning social media platforms.

And the fun part is that you don't need any kind of investment to work on Facebook, you don't have any payment, then you can still work on Facebook for free, but if you have If you have extra money, you can promote your Facebook page by investing some dollars and you can quickly rank your page by paying Facebook and start earning your page quickly.

If you have learned anything from our article, please share your valuable feedback in the comment box below, thanks.

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