YouTube Earning Course Study Online And For Free How to earn money on YouTube Part 1


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YouTube Course Introduction:

If you want to become an excellent and top-level YouTuber, then you have come to the right place, we are going to tell you how you can become an excellent channel owner and earn a high monthly income from YouTube. We will tell you how you can create your own channel, how a Logo can create its profile, how you can find your channel name, a great and brand name.

Also, how you can get keywords to rank your channel and how you can add tags to your channel that helps you grow your videos or channel quickly after doing all this. The most important and important thing is that you will create your video and then how to edit it and how to upload it, everyone will tell you after doing this small course. You can start earning from home by creating your YouTube channel.

So we have converted this course into different parts so that you can easily understand the course and you can easily start your work sitting at home we have covered every aspect and aspect related to YouTube from A to Z in this course. Even the smallest thing has been told to you, all you have to do is read and learn it carefully and start your work, then let's go to your work.

1: Create a Gmail account

First of all, you have to create a Gmail account with your mobile phone number. You don't have to use any old Gmail account to create a YouTube channel. All you have to do to create a Gmail account is to go to the Chrome browser of your mobile phone or computer laptop and search there In top chrome browser and there is to search create Gmail account on your page google's own website will open there you will be asked for your first name and last name below you your username It will be asked and then you will be asked for a password. You have to give a strong password that you remember.

Then you have to do it next and then you will be asked for your phone number below you have to put your date of birth and your male or female you have to tell that and your Gmail account is ready. Then you have to save your Gmail account to protect it from hacking so that no one can hack your channel. If you don't know how to save your Gmail account, you can watch any video on YouTube.

2: Create a YouTube channel

Once your Gmail account is created then your next task is to create a channel you have to log in to your Gmail account and then you will get an option there click on create a channel and your channel will be created After that, you can either change the channel name if you want to, otherwise, if you want to keep the default, then you have set it when creating Gmail.

3: Creating a channel logo or profile

When the channel will be created, you have to create a logo for your channel, which we also call a profile. To create a logo, if you look online, you will find the Canva website, in which you can create a logo for your free channel or Creates a banner. There you can create a logo and background banner for your channel or you can create your own logo and channel banner in an app called Pixel Lab from your mobile.

4: Customizing the channel

After doing all this, you have to set your channel, you have to go to the YouTube studio of your channel, and there you will find the setting option on the left side, below, click on it. You have to do all the basic settings of the channel like verifying your channel and tagging keywords etc. All these are mandatory if you don't do it your channel will never grow and you will never be successful or earn can.

And then you get the customization option on the left side in youtube studio where you have to put your channel description and other things you can change and put a lot more from there anytime.

5: Searching for channel tags

To install channel tags and keywords, you have to go to your chrome browser and search there Vidiq Website. You can buy its monthly package and annual package by paying and you can also use it for free, Here you have to search any one keyword according to your topic and this company will give you similar tags that rank your videos and channels quickly.

So far your channel is complete and now you have to create and upload videos on your channel. In the next article, you can see how to create and upload videos and how to edit videos. We will tell you for free how you can edit a video on any topic so that you can watch it. Remember, the more edited your videos are, the better. Soon your channel will grow and you will see a great response, we will try our best to learn and earn you.

Next, you will learn how to create and install thumbnails of your videos, what are the conditions for uploading a video, how to upload a video, how to add a video title, what are video descriptions, and how to install them. And how can you do the basic setting of the videos, unless you do the basic setting of your videos, the video will never go viral and will not reach people. Remember, the basic setting of the channel is different, but the basic setting of the videos is different.

Until you complete the setting of your channel the setting is completed along with you and later there is no difficulty nor you can miss any basic point because the only thing is YouTube from where you can upload as much as you want. You can earn whatever you want by being successful on YouTube, and you can earn from Facebook, blogger and affiliate marketing, and other social media earning platforms. To learn more, visit the next article. Thank you or click on the buttons below.

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