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Data entry job which is completely home-based job If you want to know which platforms are offering this job and what are the requirements to do this job then this article is for your friends if you are on If you want to do line earning and you are completely ready and you don't even have any skills, then this data entry job is great for you.

So what you simply do for this job is that you go to Google and write a data entry job, then on the top job 4/5 websites are opened, you click on them and open them, which are basically ads. Anyone can create their own website and rank it simply by adding throw-ads to other websites.

And you think that this is a real website and you will get data entry jobs from here and they tell you that these are data entry jobs, apply here.

When you apply they give you different packages and when you take those packages they scam you and you earn nothing.

That's why I've created this article to help you avoid scams

We will tell you some real platforms from where you will get real data entry jobs and you will also get earnings and you will know what are the requirements and if you fulfill these requirements externally. You can start a data entry job at the same time and earn

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Data entry jobs that anyone can do have requirements that you can easily fill

  Now if you think that anyone can do this job, then the payment will be less. No, when you enter this field, you will know how big a project it is and a lot of people are doing data entry. Want to work

We have also seen many people who started working independently and now have a team of their own.

And they have so much work that they can't do it alone, so they have hired some people to do the work with some payment and they themselves are earning thousands of dollars a month.

So guys it's going to be a very amazing article first we will tell you the basic requirements you will have and you can do data entry.

After that, we will tell you the real 7th data entry platforms where you can work

So first let's see what is done in data entry work

First, either you write any project or you have to copy and paste, that means any website you are told, you have to copy the project from there and paste it into MS Word or Excel file. Or you get the transformation task means you are given a PDF file and you have to convert it to an MS Word file.

It's very easy, you can copy and paste all this and many online websites and software can help you.

Now let's see what are the basic requirements that you will have so that you can easily do data entry.

Step: 1

You should have a laptop or computer and you should know how to operate it a little bit well means you should know how to use the internet which anyone can do then you need basic CMS word and excel files. If you don't know how to use MS Word or Excel files, then you have to go to YouTube, there are many people who can teach you from YouTube, MS Word, and Excel files are the same. Can learn in a day

You must learn and use these MS Word and Excel files if you want to do data entry.

Step: 2

After that, your writing speed should be good so that you can finish the work given to you quickly. Your speed should be 40 words per minute. You can practice On Any Typing Software and your writing speed can become good in a maximum of 7th day.

It makes your data entry work very easy, you just need a little effort at the start and you can do it.

Step: 3

Now we are going to tell you the last requirement, in which your English communication skills should be good because the platform we are going to tell you is an international platform, so you will also get international clients, so your English communication skills should be good but if your communication skills are not good then don't worry you can use google translator

Friends these are some basic requirements to get a data entry job if you have these things then you are lucky you can do a data entry job here and earn from home. So now we are going to tell you 7 real data entry platforms from where you can take a data entry job here.

Trust me you can earn thousands of dollars if you understand a single platform.

So let's go to our topic but before that, if you find this article of ours valuable then comment and share it then let's start.

1: Fiver

So, friends, the first platform is So, friends, many people will already know about this platform, but there will be many who don't know about it. Let me tell you, this is a freelancer platform, those who have to get work done, and those who have to do it come here and you get paid for the amount of work done here.

So simply you have to write the data entry here, then you will come across many people who are doing this.

So all the people working here are doing it in the same way and doing the same thing that we have already told you.

So you also have to create your profile here and then the person who sees your profile will contact you if he wants to do this, but if you don't want to create your profile on it, you can take the help of the tube and you can learn how to do fiverr in 2/3 days.

2: Upwork

In the second place, we will come to Upwork. Here you will see many people doing this. It is also a platform like a fiver. Here you have to work on MS Word and do data entry. You can get jobs from $50 to 200$ at one time this is a real authentic platform with no fake jobs telling you you can earn 101% here you don't take data entry work lightly from here Many people have made millions of dollars through this trick, you can too

You will be online at night on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and you will easily find out why the customer is searching more for the person who is sitting online.

3: Freelancer. Pk

The third platform is Freelancer. pk, this platform is also very amazing from here you will get many data entry jobs you simply search for data entry here as many jobs as are available in front of you. Believe me, you can earn millions of dollars per month from these platforms

You can earn even 30$ per hour from this platform no other website gives you that much money we are telling you so many platforms grab one and start on it then this was ours The third platform.


So our fourth address form is you have to write simple data here and many jobs will open in front of you. You can get a lot of jobs here if you are willing to do it

  So this is also a real and authentic platform, you will get data entry work from this platform and all others are fake.

5: Trulancer

  So our next platform is TrueLancer if you write data entry here too, you will get many jobs that you can complete and earn a lot. Salary can also be applied here, you can get a job from 100$ to 2000$, you can easily do 2/3 jobs in a day here, and you can get from 12$ to 50$ an hour here.

Here is our next platform, here also you will search for data entry in the same way, jobs will be open in front of you, find and vote for any job you like, and start earning. The real platform is anyone. It is not a fake job, you can earn up to 5000$ per month from here easily sitting at home.

Here you will find it a bit difficult because this profile is not approved quickly, you just have to make your profile a little better than other platforms and you can earn 304 an hour from here.

  There are very few people who work here and many people who get work done so you can get more work and more earnings easily.


Our last platform is data entry flex jobs here also you are going to get many data entry jobs you will get tired of seeing jobs here but the jobs will not end just you are going to work the way you want. We have told you that you will get a lot of income if you follow these steps, then you have to come here regularly, you will get jobs, we are telling you again where else to go. No need, to join one of these 7 platforms, you will benefit a lot.

So these were our data entry platforms for today. If you have learned something, do share our article and give your valuable feedback in the comment box. Thanks.

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