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If you can withdraw 30Mintus per day, not for us but for yourself, then this article is for you. You will get earnings from five places and it will come to your own account. You only have to work for 30 minutes daily. If you can work for 30 minutes a day, then read this article completely. Otherwise, watch someone else's fake articles and videos. Why are you wasting your time because our website teaches you 100% real online jobs so let's learn and start your work?

So friends, first of all, let us give you a little information about how to do this basically

Actually, there are two things that you have to create, you have to create two pieces of content, one content you have to create by writing content, and other content you have to create audio, or video, it will take 15 minutes for one and 15 minutes for the other. It may take you 1 to 1.5 hours to get started, but if you do it regularly, you can do it in 10 minutes.

So let's go and start our work but understand one thing you have to carefully understand is to keep your mind open so that you can work.

So friends we are going to tell you a secret thing that is happening right under your nose but you probably don't know.

You probably don't know how people are working and how they are earning so much from which platform, you just have to read the article carefully to get a complete understanding.

So you go to your chrome and search for anything like how you search for example how to remove pimples many women search about this and many blogs will open in front of you. Will open any blog from

The blog you will open will have articles written on it and Google's ads will also be running on them. You can also search for any other trending topic. You will see Google Ads installed

So friends, you also have to write a blog, it is very easy, we have also made a complete blog course on our website, you can read it, but you don't have to write a blog, but you have to get views on the blog. If yes, then we will tell you the solutions, then we will tell you where to get the waves and from where you will get the waves, you will also get earnings.

1:Join Hostinger

So first of all you have to open hostinger.com. The website you have to open for that there are two ways to earn from a blog. 

So, friends, there are two ways: one, you can earn free from Blogger. Second You Can Create Your Own Website. You get good earnings and many views on your website. If your channel is on YouTube, the amount of money you get for 1000 views, then you can get this much money for 100 views on the website, so YouTube. The website earns more than

So you can get your website from Hostinger for $2.99 for a month but if you want you can get it for 5 years for however long you want when your time is up. If it goes, you can pay again and get the same website. This will not harm the website you have worked on. It will remain the same. You have also been given the hosting link below. You can easily join by clicking or you can also go to Chrome and search. Here you will find one-month, one-year, and different types of packages. You can buy any of them.

For example, if you take a package of one year i.e. 12 months then it will be $108 so you have to select it then if you take it from our link then you will also get a 75% more discount which is $108 reduced to $35. After that, you have to buy it by inserting your credit card or Visa card.

After that, if you don't know how to write articles or content on the website, then you can visit our website more or you can take help from YouTube.

So if you haven't bought your website yet, then buy one now, you will also want to work because you have spent money on your website, so you must work on it after that. You can also make a good income from here sitting at home.

So now let's see from where you have to get the views and which are the remaining four ways from where you will get earnings.

  We also tell you to understand carefully.

2:Use Social Media

For example, one platform is Snack Video and TikTok, and YouTube Shorts and then there's Facebook Shorts, many of you will be using that too.

Love videos people don't like to watch because they have very less time so people want some entertainment in less time.

You must have seen it often People Create ShortVideo 

  Upload any short video on the platforms We mentioned and Tell More. Let's Know For more information, click on the link in the descriptions below and that link will be their website or blog. Thru they are earning and this website can be any health, earning, technology or anything.

If you also make a short video in the same way and tell it fully in it, if you want to get complete information about it, then click on the link given below and then you can watch the same video in Tektok, snack video, YouTube shorts, and You can also upload on Facebook with the link of your website and you will get an earning from these four platforms as well. You can earn from your website, you can also earn from Facebook, and your earn doubles from your website.

You don't need to make separate videos, you can upload the same video on all platforms.

You will not get any copyright on it because these are four different platforms and it is your video which is unique and you have not downloaded anyone else's video.

You can give any reviews on it like drama, movies, wrestling, or anything that you like, you have to make a short video on it and upload it on this platform with your link. You will get millions of views on the videos and you will get very good traffic on the website too. If we talk about Facebook for earning, are also monetizing the Facebook short videos and those who are making short videos. is Paying the same earnings as the YouTube shorts video is also giving earnings

So you can take advantage of these four platforms and the fifth one can double earnings from your website at home.

So let's talk snack video and tiktok sir when your fan following will be good then you will get the promotion you can also earn through it but only snack video gives you direct earnings too.

So friends, when other people can earn online from home, why aren't you doing it? You can also do it for free on Blogger, it doesn't cost you a penny, but if you create your own website, you will have to make a small investment. You can do the rest as you like.

But there are many companies that also write articles and give you views but they are paid and you have to pay them.

So we hope you liked the article, and you learned something new, if you don't understand, read the article again. and can start earning online with a better understanding

So please share this article and give your valuable feedback in the comments. Thank you

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