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 Hello friends!


Do you want to earn thousands of dollars sitting at home and that too with free Google certificate training, then in this article we are going to tell you how you can earn more than a hundred dollars sitting at home.

You can do all this with the help of Google, which is giving you training for absolutely free and also giving you certificates. No credit card is required.

You don't have to pay even a single rupee, all this work is without investment, you can start from zero, and everything will be free.

As we often recommend to the viewers of our website, if you want to earn online in a real way or if you really want to earn online at home, then you have to learn some digital skills.

That is why we are giving training on different programs from time to time on this website.

As we have already given you a complete course on Amazon, Blogging, and YouTube on this website, you can visit our website home page to see all this and get much more information.

  You have been taught how you can earn online from home in a real way, also in millions of dollars like other people are earning.

But if you don't have any skills, then it is not difficult for you to earn online at home, it may even be possible, for it is necessary that you learn one thing and work hard on it at home. can achieve success

In these skills, we will recommend you to learn blog or learn YouTube, you can also learn Amazon in these skills, and you are going to earn a lot.

So in today's article, we are going to tell you how you can learn a proper digital skill that is being provided by Google for free.

In this, Google itself recommends you, you just need to sign up and you can learn digital skills for free.

So today we are going to tell you the platform where you can learn any digital skill you want for free.

So we are going to tell you two platforms from where you can learn all this complete work, how you have to register, and how to work completely guide you.

And how to get certifications and then how to find online jobs after getting these certifications are all going to you properly in this article.

Therefore, you have to read the entire article and if you get to learn something from this article, then you must share it and express your valuable opinion in the comment box, then let's start our work.

1: Google Digital Garage

So first of all the platform we are going to talk about is Google Digital Garage and its link is given for your convenience.

When you come here you will find online courses written at the top and you will be told by Google that all the courses here are free as we have already told you.

You can do any course of your choice from here

There are three main categories here which are Digital Marketing, Career Development, and Data.

Here, Google has given you 160 courses that you can do whatever you like.

Here you get courses of different durations, some of which are of two hours duration and some of which are of 10 to 12 hours duration.

Course Difficulty:

Here you get three different types of choices in which if you are completely new and don't know anything about online work then there are beginner courses for you followed by intermediate and last. You can also do advanced-level courses if you are able to.

Here you don't need any qualifications, you will get everything free here, and you will not get anything paid.

And all video courses will be in the English language, just your English should be good.

Course Provider:

Let's talk about who are the course providers, Google itself is the largest course provider followed by Applied Digital Skills, and interestingly, you will find many Coursera courses here. After all, you will find a lot more here.

Interestingly, world-class universities are also offering you unlimited courses here.

So let's talk about the first thing you have to do is to register here. It's very easy to create an account here. You just have to give your Gmail account and create an account by entering your name etc. Is

After that, your simple dashboard will open where you can easily do any of your courses.

Now you have to find next which course you want to do, for that, we have already told you, here you have to select the categories above for this work.

You have to click on any category you want to take a course, and all the small and big courses will be displayed in front of you.

For your information, all these courses are important courses, none of them are redundant, all these courses are in high demand in the market at the moment.

In this course, we are going to recommend to you and we recommend you learn digital marketing at a high level, this skill will be very beneficial for you.

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

If you learn digital marketing, you become an expert in Google Ads. You can work with Google Ads. You can run your own online business. You can provide services to others. There is more opportunity

If you take a digital marketing course then you have to take the first course which is called Fundamentals of Digital Marketing this course is mandatory after that there are many more courses like Get a Business Online etc.

There are some recommended courses in this, we will tell you here, you have to do them.

So if all the courses are free then you should make them compulsory.

Google Ads Search Course:

In this course, you have to do compulsory

Google Display Add:

This course is also recommended. You must also do this one. It will benefit you a lot. What is the benefit of all these courses? I will keep sending you complete information.

After that comes Google Ads Measurement, Shopping Ads, and then Google Ads Video is included in this course. You must do this course if you want to become an expert in Google Ads. Can include both online and offline work.

How to start the course:

You have to simply click on whatever course you want to start, and whatever course you are going to take, you will get the certificate for that course. A little guide will be given about this course and then you will get the start option at the bottom.

You will also be given the full details of the course on this page, what will be in this course, how many models will there be, how long is the course, and most importantly, what level is this course, beginner or advanced level? You will be guided.

You simply click on Start and the up-course will be launched

Here you will be given an overview, which means you will be told what is included in this course, and what will be taught to you, you will be fully guided, and after that, you will also get to see the course.

Then you will get the option to start learning you have to click here you will get the video course bodies first you will get to learn intro digital garage.

You have to click on the play button and watch the video

After that when you watch the video then below you will get the option to check your knowledge you have to click on it then you will be asked absolute questions about whatever you have learned in the video course.

You have to answer all the questions correctly and you have to answer all the questions and click on the submit button.

In the same way, you have to watch the next lesson and you have to answer the questions in the same way as you have learned and answered them. These questions will be asked of you so that you can be given a certificate, so Google takes your test.

There is only so much work, just learn and as soon as you complete your course, you will get the certificate for this course.

You will also get a screenshot of a demo certificate below which you can use to find jobs, improve your CV and get a soft copy of it. You can download it whenever you want

So, friends, this was the first platform, Google Digital Garage, where you can take courses for free and also get a certificate. Now let's talk about the other platform.

2:Skill Shop exceedslms:

The second platform is also Google, from here you can also take courses for free and get certificates for free.

All the products of Google are Google Ads, Google for Education, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Analytics, here you will get to see each product and you will also get the course for all of them, then YouTube, Google Ad Manager. , and can also take Google Ad Mob course.

  From here you can become an expert on any product of Google, that too completely free, so what is the delay? You are still thinking, so my friend, stop thinking that nothing can happen to you, the world has come a long way.

What is the difference between this platform and the previous platform?

You won't find videos on Skill Shop, but here you will find written articles, which in our opinion is a much better choice. Even those who don't know English can learn it by translating it.

But in this also you have to study thoroughly and pass the test as we told you in google garage after doing all this you get the certificate.

How to start the course:

Click on any Google product you want to be an expert in. Different categories will open in front of you. You will get the certificate, you will also have to pass the test and then you will get the certificate.

This work is not difficult, you go to learn anything from somewhere, you have to keep your mind present, even if you are not intelligent, even when you start learning something by heart, you learn a lot, you just have to work or There should be a desire to learn a skill.

You will also need to create an account on it. It is as simple as you learned how to create an account on Google Digital Garage.

If you click on any one of the categories, you will see all its articles, each of these products will have a separate article and instead of learning one product, you will get a separate certificate for each product.

As soon as you click on an article about a product, you will be told how many hours it is and what level it is, and a long article will appear in front of you. You have to understand carefully, learn and take the test and then get your certificate.

So, friends, these are the two platforms through which you can do courses for free and get Google's certification. We have told you completely about the work and the course.

But let's talk about how you will earn and how you will get jobs.

After completing these courses, after getting the certificate, for example, you become an expert in Google Ad Mode, so first of all, you can open your own YouTube channel here. And the rest can convert to any language you want and learn your audience here and become successful YouTubers.

After that, you can upload the same course on udemy where people sell paid online courses and you can do it and earn millions of dollars.

After that, you can learn and earn skills by learning the same courses

After that comes the Upwork platform where also you can sell your certified course here you can sell any category course you have done here or you can sell it on these three platforms. You can earn double trouble here and you can also earn 1000$ daily from this platform.

So we hope that you must have learned something new from this article of ours, so please share your valuable opinion in the comment box below and also share the article, thanks.

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