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If you are new to blogging or want to start your own blog, then you are stuck on whether you should create your blog on Blogger or WordPress.

So we are going to tell you in this article which platform is easier which one has more earnings and which one has more ownership besides we will tell you which platform you should design a blog on. And security options will be available and you will get help and customer services better on which platform.

Whose future is better and which one has more profit and commission? Which one will cost you more and which platform will earn you more earnings, we are going to tell you all this in this one article. With complete details, read the article well and share it so that other people can also get this benefit.

After reading this article, you will be able to decide whether you want to create a blog on Blogger or WordPress. The things that are going to tell you to need to be understood and followed if you want to become a great blogger and earn millions of dollars monthly from home.

This article can be very useful for you and you can also take this great benefit.

So let's go to our topic and get our understanding

Which platform is more famous:

So first of all let's talk about which popularity platform is most popular

In this, we will compare you with the help of a website called W3 Techs. This website has complete data about which website is more famous and which one is being used by more people.

It is said that there are 100,000 websites in the world that are built on WordPress, so far WordPress has a huge marketplace, but if we look at Blogger, its marketplace is only 1.5 out of 100,000 websites. % Blogger websites are built.

So you can judge for yourself how much difference there is between the two and which platform is more famous and used and which platform people are trusting more. So you can go and see all this data yourself, after that if you go to Google Trend, there you will also find the data of all these platforms and you can know about them.

So at this time, WordPress is the winner of the popularity calculation.

Which platform is easier to use:

So now let's discuss which platform is easier to use and which you can use and join very easily.

Many people who blog are not web developers, many are in small businesses who are spreading their ideas to people by posting and creating blogs and using blogging as a hobby. are

But people like you and me take blogs as a professional career and earn a lot of money from it and they always want this platform to be easy and simple to use. Which platform is easier to use blogger or WordPress?

What is Blogger:

Blogger is a simple tool in which you can create your blog in minutes, all you need is a Gmail account and you have to sign up with that Gmail and your blog is created.

Here you can write any post you want and publish it very easily. It is a very easy platform to use but you get very few features compared to WordPress.

What is WordPress:

Let's talk now. Creating a blog in WordPress is very simple and quick. You don't need any coding. You just need to know how to use it and how to set it up. WordPress Blogger requires a bit of advanced learning. It's a bit different from Blogger. Not too much. Again, it's not that different from Blogger, but it's a bit different.

You just have to learn it and you can create your blog on word press in very less time i.e. just 30 minutes.

So if we look at the simple platform, Blogger is the winner, Blogger is easier to use.

What is Ownership:

You always want the blog that you worked so hard to build to have full ownership of it, meaning you want full control over how to create, customize, and monetize it. And when you have to close it, we see which platform is the best in terms of ownership.

Blogger: So first of all let's look at Blogger. Blogger services are handled by Google and controlled by Google and it is easy and reliable and also provides enough features to publish your content. You can't own it

Blogger is giving you complete services for free but you don't get the ownership, the ownership is kept by Google, so Google can ban your blog at any time and terminate your account at any time without any reason. of the

Here it is also not necessary that you have violated any policy of Google due to which your account has been banned.

That's why blogger has no guarantee.

If you look at the history of Google, Google has banned many platforms, a living example of which is Feedburner, which was banned by Google.

Wordpress: Speaking of Wordpress, Wordpress offers paid hosting and it can never shut down your blog without warning, so it is not necessary that you can only get hosting from Wordpress. You can also take hosting services for WordPress from any other platform.

Just like Hostinger gives you the best hosting service for WordPress, there are many other platforms from which you can get hosting. But in our view, Hostinger is the best.

You can also shift your hosting to any other blog because on WordPress you own your own blog so you can do anything here anytime.

So Word Press is the winner here because you get a lot of features in it.

Control and Flexibility:

This is the very important thing, very simple tools are available to make a blogger and they are very limited and you can't add any more features to them, Google gives you every tool you need. but they are Google's choice, you can't install any tool of your choice in it.

Word Press: So let's see Word Press is open software, you can put anything you want in it, you can customize it as much as you want, and it has thousands of free plugins available. which you can use

So here again WordPress is the winner in this section as well.

Appearance and Design Options:

This thing is very helpful in ranking your blog because your blog is highly customized if your blog is well designed then only an impression will be made and people will stop visiting your blog and Will read it

Blogger: But if we talk about Blogger, it has very limited themes and they are very basic and outdated.

Because they are already used by many people, whatever theme you use or install, you can't change it i.e. you can't change its colors, etc.

Wordpress: Again, let's talk about Wordpress. It has thousands of free and premium themes that you can use. All you have to do is think and the themes will come to you.

You will find all kinds of themes here and you can easily customize them as per your wish.

Whose security is good for:

Now let's talk about whose security is better. If you talk about Blogger, don't worry about it because Google is handling its security. You don't need to worry. Google is a strong platform. From is and its control is very awesome

WordPress: This is also a very strong platform but you have to take care of its security etc. It means you have to keep its backup yourself but you don't need to worry because WordPress provides you with good security. You can find many plugins here that take care of your security and prevent your website or blog from being hacked.

So here in this sense, both platforms become equal

Whose future is good for:

So now let's talk about who's future is the best and who will be more ranked if we talk about Blogger since for a long time there is no new update in Blogger and we already told you. Blogger has already been banned by many platforms, and the future of your blog depends on Google's decision on whether to continue or close your blog. If the platform can no longer provide us with any further benefits, it will automatically close without any warning or policy violation.

Therefore, the future of the blogger is not the best.

Talking about Wordpress, we have already told you that Wordpress is a great platform and it is open source, there are always new updates coming, and its future does not depend on any single person or company. Most of the big businesses in the world are using WordPress because it is the easiest and most viral and most lasting platform.

A huge number of people are using this word press so the future of word press is bright in this sense you can trust it and it is not possible to close it if you are violating the policy of word press co. It won't ban you without warning, so it has  WordPress winner.


You never want to put so much money into a blog out of your own pocket that your pocket is empty, nor do you want to get limited options and take years to grow.

So we tell you that blogger has free hosting and you also get a free blogger .com domain and you also get themes for free which you can't customize on your own account.

You get limited features in Blogger and your earning is also less.

Word press is completely free software but you have to buy domain names and web hosting from your own pocket if you want to be the best blogger and also want to earn a lot then you have to come to word press. It is not a difficult task

You simply have to open Hostinger and you will find this link right here

Here you can get both domains and hosting for $3.49 a month, but you can also get a one-year or five-year package, it depends on what you want.

All you have to do is make a small payment and you can earn millions of dollars just by doing this one small step.

If you join from our link then you will get a special discount also you will click on the link like hostinger main page will open in front of you there you will get a web hosting option there you have to click A new window will open in front of you. There are many packages in front of you. You will go to any one of them. You have to buy the best package. You will have three packages in front of you. Single package, popular package, and business package. First single package. Not the best

We request you get a business plan if you have to spend it, it will give you everything a great blogger needs to rank a website and earn a lot of money. I have 100% help to fill

You can get web hosting from here with any of your bank cards i.e. visa and debit card or you can also get a Paypal card very easily.

The link is also given above and you will also find it below at the end of this post you can join hostinger from there.

So definitely try it once it will be a great decision you can earn millions of dollars sitting at home you just need to take the first step.

So, if you have learned something from this article, please share it and give your valuable feedback in the comment box below. Thanks.

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