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How To Earn Money Online At Home

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In this article we are going to tell you the method of online earning, you can sit in any corner of the world and earn online, whatever country you are from, you can earn online by doing this can do.

Next, we are going to tell you how to earn online. Nothing could be easier than that Any Work.

Because you don't have to sell anything, you don't have to do affiliate marketing, you don't have to do social media marketing, and you don't need any special experience, you just have to copy and paste. But you must be thinking that you might have to write a blog, then it is not like that at all.

All you have to do is copy and paste, then what steps you have to follow, how to do it, and how to earn, so read the full article.

So that you can get complete information and be able to earn online and earn war dollars by doing online business from home.

In this article, we will tell you about two different websites through which you can double your earnings.

Work through Google:

So in this method, we will learn how to work through Google and earn online. It is not a long task. You can do it in just 30 minutes.

So, first of all, you have to go to your Chrome and search for Google News. When you search for Google News, you have to open the official link of Google News from the page that will appear in front of you.
As soon as you click on this link, the page of Google News will open in front of you, here you will get all kinds of news updates every hour and every second.

You only have to copy and paste here, how to do it, we are going to tell you completely, here on this page, you will see three lines on the lift side, click on them, then many features will open in front of you.

Here you will find local news, business news, USA news, sports news, and all kinds of news.
For example, if you open the entertainment news, all the news will be opened in front of you.
You have to open health news, and you have to get health-related news.

As soon as you click on the health section and open it, then all the news from the health category wise will come in front of you.
You have to open the category with nutrition from them, as soon as you click on this category, all the news from nutrition will be opened in front of you.

Here you will find all the latest news that has been published a few hours or a few minutes ago.
Here you can see for yourself, you will have a lot of news which is just articles, here you can open any article.
As soon as you click on this article, the complete article will open in front of you.
Whichever article you open, you will find all kinds of information written, there will be no long article, there will be a short article, but you will get complete information.

What you have to do here is that you have to copy this article i.e. the text, after you have copied the complete article, you have to go to another website called Spinbot. Here you have copied the article To paste.
After you paste this article, next you have to spin this article, you will get the link, click on it and your article will automatically spin.

As soon as you spin after pasting this copied article, your article will be rewritten, the benefit of this will be that your article will be rewritten with new words but the meaning is the same. It will happen.
When you spin your article you have to read it and check your old article and new article you will find only new words but their meaning will be the same.

Now you have to copy the newly spin article i.e. the new article after copying you have to go to any of your editor software like you can use MS Word which is very easy.

You have to paste the spun article into MS Word, then you have to go to the Google News website and copy the title of that article and paste it into your MS Word, but you have done all this in order. And you just have to edit a little bit of it as you like.

It means you have to put your own subheading and the rest you have to do whatever you think is best for you.
When you have done the complete setting of this article, i.e. editing, then you have to seal it, let me tell you how to do it.

How to Sell Articles:

You have to go to Chrome and search for a website called Eating Well, an international website that buys and writes your own nutrition articles.

You will find many more articles on this website than nutrition, all you have to do is simply go ahead and submit your article to this website.

You can also check here how much this website will pay you per word. Go to their writing guidelines and there you will get their complete details.

This website pays you up to 1$ per word, you can go and check it yourself, it is a real website, and no fake website or fake ideas are being shared with you.
If you write a 1000-word article then you can earn 1000 dollars through this website.

How to sell an article:

You have to go to sell your article on their contact page on this page you will see a different email here you have to see the email of the editor to whom you have to submit the article you simply This is to copy the editor's email and go to your Gmail box and email your article to them.

You have to tell them by writing on the top that this article is related to nutrition and you have to certify this article to them.

It's a very easy task, you have to follow these steps and you can earn millions of dollars sitting at home. Like the website people will see your article, they will check your article, and after that, they will send you a payment In Payoneer, that is, They will send you the payment for the article by taking Account.

So, we hope you have learned something new from our article, if you have learned something new, please share this article and share your valuable feedback in the comment box below, thank you.

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