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Content Writing Introduction:

In this article, we will learn what content writing is and how to use it. You can earn money online at home

Reading is the first stage of writing, writing is very easy if you can write well, know your history and know the purpose of writing. Maybe it is necessary to decide before reading and writing why?

Earn from home with content writing:

There are various websites on the internet that get millions of views every day, these websites offer weird news, health and quotes, and more, all this is done so that the number of viewers does not decrease and that website I can stay as long as possible. All websites are looking for people who can write the best articles for them. This is called article content writing.

These individuals are paid well by website owners for writing articles

What are content writers?

A content writer is a person who has the ability to write articles according to a theme for a website. Each website has its own specific set of views, so the content writer is responsible for writing articles according to the search for views.

Website views come from the Google search engine, so the content writer's success is very important.

Content Writer Salary:

  These people are experts in English and article writing, their content writing is a very good subject, currently, international clients are paying from $5 to $150 per article and this job is much better than working for you full time.

Difference Between Content Writing and Print Media:

The works of print media and essay writing, column writing, feature story, etc., and content writing are the same, but the way of expression of both is different, so there is some difference between them. Online views read the article more carefully.

Where to get content writing work?

If you are looking for a content writer job, you can check out newspapers and job websites. Most of the content writing is done by freelancers, meaning you don't need to go to an office, you can do it from home.

Content writing is in high demand in every country including Pakistan, you can earn millions of dollars per month with your hard work and experience.

Contact the sites you mean and show them your work demo but give your work demo blog link.

After that, middlemen can also find jobs through the website. These websites collect their commission from both the job-giving and the working parties in their bill after the job is completed.

Types of Content Writing:

Content writing is used for different purposes and based on that, the style of the article is also different.

1: Creative Writing:

Creative writing is a genre in which you can express your ideas in poetry, novels, and speeches.

2: Feature Writing:

In feature writing, the article written is without opinion, the information given is absolute from people, place, and lifelike...

Spot feature

News feature

Make it an article that people pay attention to.

Academic writing consists of abstract subjects from education, its purpose is to convey information and research to the public, and the written material is a scientifically proven topic. Research Papers Reports

3: Ghostwriting

The article writers do not reveal their names but are circulated under the name of the owner of the website.

4: Editorial writing

It discusses the previously written article, i.e. articles are re-written based on the opinion given in it.

5: UX Writing

It consists of writing articles that aim to provide information to the user about a product, app, or website.

6: Technical writing:

It is a way to give people more information about the product but in a simple way including the white paper, user manual, and service legal agreement.

7: SEO Content Writing:

It is taken into account in writing the article so that the people can be reached more easily and the website or app can be more viral and ranked.

Press Release:

This includes content that is officially released to announce an event or new product launch.

8: Blogs and Articles

In it, you can give all kinds of information. Some blogs also have it, in which the blogger sends absolute daily news from himself to the people.

Content writing is a way of conveying information to people, it is used in all kinds of organizations and it is in high demand.

Platforms for Earning Content Writing:

The next step with a good portfolio is to send job requests to your clients. Freelancing services help connect writers and clients. However, on many freelancing websites, most jobs are organized into groups based on the topic and the writer's experience.

i Writer

One of the best-paying websites for freelance writers is iWriter. This website is very easy to use. Here you also get clients. To become a part of this website you have to fill out a form and 250 words. You will have to write 2 articles and submit them. You will get a little less payment for the writing.

People Pr Houre:

This is also a good content writing website which is similar to Fiverr you can also create your account on it and your profile you can earn very well from here because hard work is necessary you have to work hard. You can also earn good revenue from the platform, you can earn 2000$ per month here.

Web Content Writing:

Do you have experience creating web content? If you can do this, you'll have essential SEO skills that help you land content writing jobs at companies that help brands regularly create search-engine-optimized content for their websites. will give

Content marketing is a great online earning idea if you can organize the content well

Here's the bottom line: If you can deliver good content to your viewers, you can get anything for yourself with content marketing.

Content Writing Requirements:

Writing habit: If you have a passion for writing and you feel good about it, then you will be able to write well.

Reading habit: While writing essays, it is very important to read what other writers have written so that you can create something new and customize it to your liking.

It is important for you to choose some words for what you are writing so that the reader can understand what you are trying to say so that your hard work is not wasted.

You should write something that has some interest, which means that the person who is reading your article should not be bored, he should learn something from your article and also give you good feedback.

Language: Next you have to choose a language in which you are good, meaning you can write well and have good grammar.

  While writing, you should not see what you like, you should see what the person who will come to read my article likes. If you have made a mistake, you can correct it

After that, write a sequence of whatever you want to write. Don't do this. If you write something in one graph, then something else will be read from it in the other graph.

Content Writing and Social Media:

You can also earn good money by writing on social media, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can create pages and earn money by giving information to your views

Out of all these Facebook is a very good platform to earn from content writing create your own page and start earning.

Increase Page Followers:

You create a page but it is difficult for you to bring traffic to your page, so we make it easy for you. It is very difficult for you to find content for the page, but it is not impossible. A page has also been created on the topic. You can search for the same topic on Google Chrome. You will find many websites. You can get ideas from them by reading the articles there, but if you copy and paste, it will not be useful. Maybe you will never be successful so do your research and write your own. Gradually you will become so experienced in writing that you won't even need to do research.

But to get views, share your page and use keywords that are searched a lot.

Earn by writing eBooks:

Apart from this, you can also start your own business. You can write a book on any famous topic in your language. You are publishing the same article in your book

  But the book will be a little different, for that you can take help, you have to write a simple book in MS Word or Excel file, you can write the book, this also comes in content writing.

After you've completed your writing and customizations, convert it to PDF and share it with your views.

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