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  There are many ways to earn online, among them blogging, YouTube, freelancing and finally trading. In this article, we are going to teach you how you can earn online by trading if you want to trade. If it doesn't come and you want to learn to trade and also want to earn online from home, then we are going to make you learn completely, so let's start.

So, first of all, we will not tell you that you should leave your work and do trading only or you should all come to trading. You should not do this at all. This article is only for those people who really want to do trading and Want to learn and have an interest in it, this article is for them. In trading, you invest your energy more than in other online ways, you have to invest for a long time. But you can invest in trading for the short term as well.

Most Important Points:

But where you earn a lot from trading, you can also lose, now you need to learn this in trading, how you can earn profit in trading, and how to avoid loss. It should be well known that if you invest from your own pocket in trading, then you will earn.

After that, how safe is the investment you have made and what are the things you have to keep in mind while investing until you learn to trade, you can't earn, and you will lose.

But we will not tell you in this article to go and install the app and start trading because this work is not for everyone, it can be done only by those who learn it well and I am interested, first, you should have complete information about trading.

So that you are a good and expert trader only then you can be successful in this field.

For trading, you should have a good teacher who will guide you along and you should also have someone to give you advice, then you will get all these things in this article.

So friends we are going to share with you a trading platform that has all the facilities that a newbie needs and it is called XM Trading.

So just like there are other trading apps like OctaFX or many other apps we are not going to tell you about them at all we are going to give you an original and unique platform we are not going to tell you about them. Tell us about fake apps, Eid and later you will lose money, that's why we have chosen XM for you.

What is XM:

XM is being reviewed by you because you will get everything you absolutely need from trading, then the interesting thing is that it also offers completely free trading courses. Lectures are also given about trading from which you can learn a lot.

After that in XM, you are given a personal manager for each member. This manager will be your personal manager. are.

On other apps, you have to face many difficulties but in this, you can make your investment in any kind of local bank or any wallet of yours which is a very good decision for XM people and you can withdraw a lot from here. Can do easily

So I am telling you the complete work, you have to install it and do the rest yourself.

We are providing only a short course here, the rest you have to install their app and watch their courses yourself so that your investment is not lost.

Like how you can take lectures from here, how you can do trading, how you will get a personal manager from here, and how you can attend their promotion series, you will get all this from their app in the form of videos. All of this is a must-see.

You will also learn everything about how to create an account on it, you will find the links to their videos below the same article, you can get them from there.

How to work on XM?

As soon as you log in to it, you will see a page called watch list. You have to check out the features you will get.

Here you can click on any one currency, and open one here, let me tell you first, you will see some bars, one red and one green, whatever the meaning of green. The currency you selected shows it's going up and red means its value is going down.

In this, if your desired currency is decreasing, you can take it and if it is increasing, you can take it.

But don't invest in it without any information, for that you will have proper information only then you have to invest otherwise you will lose.

You will see two options here, one is to buy and the other is to sell.

If you want to buy, then click on this option, here you will be asked how many lotuses you want to put in, you can put it according to your wish, but you can also stop it if you have so many lotuses. If it goes down, stop there, with its help, you can earn your profit well

So you will get confirm button here you have to click then your desired currency will be added to the order.

After that you have to go to orders to check your order, there you can see the value of your order.

At the value you bought the desired currency at, if it goes above that value, you will make a profit; if it goes down, you will lose.

You can make a profit or loss at will

So you will be getting updates in the same app whether you are losing or profiting.

But you first create a demo account for training in this app and practice well then invest in your real account.

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