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should I start a blog in 2023

Hello friends!

This article of ours is especially for those who want to start blogging and make their own website to become the best blogger and earn millions of dollars sitting at home and also those who are still confused about whether to work on blogging or not.

The first question of such people is whether they can actually earn from a blog or not and if they can earn from a blog, how much can it be?

So in this article, we are going to give you a few tips that will help you understand and understand everything about blogging.

In this article, you can understand why you should start a blog. So don't skip this article and read it till the end so that if someone asks you after today whether you want to start a blog or not, you can The answer should be yes.

What is a blog:

First of all, let's see what is a blog. When you get all the information about a blog, you will also understand why you should work on a blog.

If you go to your Google Chrome, you search for anything there, for example, your search for how to earn online, then you open any of the websites that come in front of you.

On every website you open, information is given in the form of articles, as if you are reading this article of mine on a website.

Any such website is called a blog and this article is called a post.

It means that you have to create your website and give information to people by writing your articles as if you are reading our article and getting information.

So, I hope you have understood that whatever you search in Google and whatever results come in front of you, we call it a blog.

Why you should blog:

Now let's talk about why you should create a blog and how your blog can help, so we are going to give you 6 tips in which you will clear everything about the blog.

 How you can earn good income from a blog:

BLOG IS A SINGLE PLATFORM Blogging is at the top of all the online earning sources so far whether you are a YouTuber or a freelancer Blogging beats them all.

Earnings are very high in blogging if you go to google and search top listed bloggers in the world you will be surprised to see the earnings how much they are earning from blogging.

Even if you are a brand-new blogger you can easily earn $1000 to $5000 a month.

If you are thinking that on a blogger or website, only articles are written and information is shared, then how will you earn, then we are going to give you complete information about that.

So first of all let's talk about how you can earn through affiliate marketing on a blog if you write an article about a product that people want to buy.

So you put the affiliate link of this product below this article, then whoever reads that article and buys that product by clicking on this link, then you will get earnings.

The best example of this if we look at it is Amazon. You can read our article on how to earn through affiliate marketing on Amazon by going to our Amazon tips section above.

If you want to do affiliate marketing through the blog, we recommend you do it on Amazon, the best platform for affiliate marketing.

You can earn the best by joining the Amazon affiliate marketing program

Google Adsense:

After that comes Google Adsense you can earn a lot online from your blog with Google Adsense which 100% out of 80% of bloggers are earning from Google Adsense and earning a lot.

To earn online with google Adsense your blog should also have good traffic then only you will have more earnings otherwise you can earn more than $1500 even with less traffic.

What happens in Google Adsense is that Google Ads plays ads on your website and every viewer who comes to your website, whether they see those ads or not, gets earnings.

If you go to any website, you will see Google ads, the website is serving these ads.

So you too can earn a lot from Google Adsense

Earnings from Promotion:

Then when your blog becomes very famous, brand companies contact you and pay you to promote their brand, so you have to put their brand on your website.

Just like Google's ads are installed, you have to install their brand's ad, you can earn a lot this way.

So now let's move on to the second reason why we should start a blog. If you do any job, you have to stick to the time limit. You are allowed to go home only after completing your duty.

Along with this, you have to listen to your boss's bitter scolding and work on a fixed salary, then if you take leave, your salary is also cut.

So if you work on a blog you have to work from home and you can earn much more than a private job.

You can work by making a time of your choice, then if you don't work on the blog for a day, you get a full salary and your blog doesn't matter.

This is not an amazing job, so we will fully recommend you start working on a blog and earn millions of dollars sitting at home without any tension.

A blog is just like a business in that you understand that you are running your own business.

The more effort you put into blogging, the more you will earn. It depends on your mindset, how you want to work, and how much you want to work.

No matter where you are, your work will not stop but will continue on the blog of why

  All you have to do is write the article and the rest is done by the blogger. You don't need to do any more work or effort. Your dollars will continue to grow.

Now we move on to our third reason

When you are running any business and you want to sell that business, you sell it at market value.

This is how you get a good income. Similarly, your blog is a digital asset. You can make a good income by selling your blog.

We give you a website called flippa.com you go to it and put your blog for sale there your blog will be bid and you can earn a good income.

There are many people who sell their blogs after a year or two.

People are getting up to 10 million dollars for a website so you can sell your blog at this low price but a good price if you put in some effort and build your own blog.

We highly recommend you create your own blog and even if you don't sell it, you can monetize it with Google Adsense or other platforms.

If you want to learn blog then you can go to the blogger section above and take the full course on blogs in this course we have uploaded the full course on both wordpress.com and blogger.com

We will discuss the fourth reason later

If you go to your Google and search there by writing the name of your country and then write Internet users, then Google will give you the result of how many people are using the Internet in your country.

So you will know how many people are using the internet and how many more people are coming to the internet then you should create a blog, a lot of people are coming to the internet because they want information online then you have it. By writing informative articles you can get people to your website which is not a difficult task and you will start getting a lot of traffic very quickly.

But you have to write articles that people search for a lot so that you can get traffic quickly and start earning.

In today's era, there are many tools that you can write articles with the help of which you just have to give them a command and they will write the article for you automatically.

 Among them, the best tool is Chat GPT

And these articles are completely clear, you don't have any kind of copyright issue in them, and you can publish these articles on your blog without any worries.

And these articles are completely clear, you don't have any kind of copyright issue in them, and you can publish these articles on your blog without any worries.

Now let's talk about our final reason why you should blog

When you do blogging, you learn a lot of skills, among these skills you learn how to develop your own website on WordPress, how to get hosting, how to get your own domain, etc. You learn it all

We told you that if you want to learn it all, you can go to our blogger section above and learn everything.

After that, you learn how to do digital marketing while working on the blog, how to make your blog go viral, how to get traffic and all these things you learn.

After that, the most important thing is to learn how to do SEO, which is a huge skill.

So if you visit our full website you can learn more and you will find many more things to do.

So, we hope that you have learned something new from this article, share your valuable opinion in the comment box below and make this article a must-share, thanks.

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