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Hello friends!

Do you want to earn online from your blog website at home, in today's article we are going to tell you how you can earn online and make dollars from your blog website.

So what are the methods by which you want to earn online using your blog, so read this article to know all of them so that you can earn online from home.

So let's start our topic

1: Display Ads on Blog Website:

This is a very easy way to earn online through your website, whichever is the best ad platform you have to connect with your website, and then as soon as the traffic comes to your website. She will see the ads and you will be rewarded.

We will tell you the main reason for this, which is the best and most popular platform in this ads platform, Google Adsense, it also has no minimum traffic requirement policy.

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If you connect your website with google AdSense and your website has very low traffic then you can earn from it but the bottom line is if you connect google Adsense with low traffic If you want to do it, you have to set up your website very well.

And this low traffic will also give you very good earnings but after some months when your website starts getting good i.e. high traffic then your earnings will also double.

The first payment for your blog will clear everything up, change your mindset, be a motivation for you, and when the money is in your pocket, you will be confident. Online payment can be done at the event.

After that, when your traffic starts coming a lot, then you can leave Google AdSense.

You have to go to Google Chrome and search for Alternative Google Adsense, many results will open in front of you and you will get a list of many other platforms that work like Google Adsense. will

One of them you can change as you want, there are some requirements that when your traffic is more than 10k daily then you can use these platforms if you join them on low traffic. If you take it, your earnings may be very low.

When your traffic starts to increase, you can join any of these platforms where you get good earnings.

2: Amazon

Then we're going to talk about Amazon's Thro bloggers earn a lot of money, affiliate marketing, you've gone to Amazon, and they have a program there, Amazon Affiliate, you can join.

Here all you have to do is to mention the products that people are buying every day i.e. the best-selling ones you copy their link and shorten it from your amazon affiliate account and post about that product on your blog. Write a unique article and publish it.

After that, add the shortened link to this product. This will make it so that any person who clicks on this link from your website and buys that product will be credited to your Amazon affiliate account. It will be sent automatically

Amazon Affiliate gives you 10% commissions on any product sale so you can generate great revenue using this method.

This will give you double the benefit you are earning from amazon and secondly, you are earning from your own website this is an amazing method so try it once for sure.

3: CJ.Com

If you don't want to earn from amazon then you can also join this platform it is a big affiliate marketing platform.

You can also earn online at home through this platform

4: Cell A Share:

After that, you can also join this platform which is also a huge affiliate marketing platform and there are many other platforms where you are providing affiliate marketing services.

If your blog is very unique and none of these platforms are the best for your website, then you should go to Google Chrome and write keywords related to the topic of your blog. Search by typing in an Affiliate program.

So as soon as you search, many websites will open in front of you that are relevant to your topic, and you can join or connect any of them you like with your website.

So you can connect them, promote their links, write articles, publish their affiliate links on your blog, and earn millions of dollars from home.

Next, the method we are going to understand is the HR services website so you can convert your website to a jobs website as well.

For example, if you go to Chrome and search for job websites, many international websites will open in front of you.

In the start, you can pick up jobs from any newspaper and publish them on your blog, then as soon as you get more traffic you can convert your website to paid membership.

From this, whoever comes to see the jobs on your website will be able to see the jobs only by paying you, so this is also a very good method of earning online.

You can earn double by following this method and get money from your blog and also from your viewer.

So these kinds of websites are earning a lot so you can also make your own website and earn online.

By now you might be thinking that creating a website is a very difficult task

On the website you are reading this article on, we have given you a complete course on how to create a blog and WordPress website, and how to customize it.

Everything is mentioned in the blogging section and you can read all the articles and start creating your own website in just 20 minutes. After completing this course, you can create your own website.

After that, you will start creating, then you will definitely need hosting. Now if you do not know about web hosting, then as you read the articles of our blogging course, you will get to know each and every article in these articles. One thing will be known.

We will also give you some links for your convenience below the same article you can read and get information about web hosting.

How to get web hosting:

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Why take web hosting:

Your website won't work until you get web hosting, but it won't be wrong if you can't build a website anywhere.

You can't earn money until you get your website hosted

That's why we have mentioned a very good web hosting platform for your help, through which you can build your website and earn millions of dollars from home.

So, if you have learned something new from our website, please share it with Azmi and share your valuable opinion in the comment below. Thank you.

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