How To Make A Restaurant Website Without any Coding Experience

How to Build Your Own Restaurant App with No-Code

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Hello friends!

If you want to create a professional website for your hotel that too without any coding and without installing WordPress or you want to create a similar hotel website and earn $100 for a website at home and If you want to learn a short skill then this article is for you.

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How to create a website:

After getting the hosting and domain, you don't need to install WordPress but you have to install DirectHostinger Builder.

On Hostinger Builder you get all kinds of templates whatever you like from here you can install your favorite template.

You can create any website you want on it, e-commerce, restaurant, or any website. If you find the website template you want on this page, you can also search. the option is also given.

That is, if you want to create a website for a restaurant, you can search restaurant, then all the templates will open in front of you.

The templates that will be open here are all premium and unique, you can preview any of them and choose whatever you like.

If you create a website in Word Press, you have to buy all these templates, but they are all available for free on Hostinger.

How to install the template:

If you also like the template, you have to install it. You get a preview and start building options on each template. You have to click on start building to install and your template will be installed.

After that when it is installed it will automatically redirect you to another page where you will get everything control means you will come to the control panel.

In the control panel, you can customize your website template or theme to your liking.

The fun part here is that you don't need any extra plugins, you just click to edit.

Here you get all kinds of options, on the left side you can customize your template the way you want, if you want to change the header, you can do that too.

You can customize your header color, background color, text color, menu color, and more.

Your website will grow in the same way as WordPress, the only things you don't have to change are your contact details, your menu bar section, and your template name and image that you can customize.

Another fun thing about this is that as you customize your theme in WordPress, it keeps track of what you're changing and what you're adding.

Same thing, when you are changing any menu bar or section, you get a side-by-side preview of what you are reducing, this is a great feature in Hostinger Builder and WordPress.

After that, whatever text you write or write the menu bar, you have to set the colors of all of them according to your choice and also set the font of your choice.

While you are creating a website, you have to keep in mind that whatever you are putting in, you should like your customer or viewer and not what you like.

Here you can change everything and add something new if you don't know how to do a full website or customization then on our same website you will get a complete blogger course.

At the top you will find a menu called Blogger, click on it and you will get the complete course.

In this, we have clearly explained everything from A to Z how to create, how to customize, and how to upload a theme.

And how do you buy a theme for word press if you don't want to use the default word press theme you can buy

He has also told you the complete process.

After doing all this, if you want to put your own map ie location, then you can also put it, and you get the option to put location.

We recommend that if you are building your restaurant website, you must add a location.

With this, your live customer or any viewer can find you easily, after that if possible you can add your WhatsApp or add your email number.

After that, you get the option to create your website logo here you can also create your website logo from here which is a very nice feature.

Here you get every single option you get an option called setting if you click on it you can install google Adsense google analytics google search console and many more from there.

When you are done with the complete set of your website you will get an option Go Live at the top you have to click on it as soon as you click on it all your settings will be saved and you're domain will also be attached.

Now your website will have a complete look change and everything you have added will be customized.

So friends, in this way you can create a very good and professional website with the custom hosting builder.

If you don't want to create your own website, you can earn millions of drills online from home by offering its services on any freelancing website.

So hope you liked this article and definitely learned something new. Must share this article and share your valuable feedback in the comment box below. Thanks.

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