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Hello friends!

Work Introduction:

If you want to earn up to $500 online by typing articles, then this article is for you. If you are a professional writer, you can write articles, you are a good writer and you can write articles on any topic. If so, this article is going to be very useful for you.

But those of our viewers who are not completely proficient in English or writing articles and know a little bit of English here and know how to write, then they can also get benefit from here and earn online at home.

So friends, if you find it difficult to do anything in today's era, then there is much software that helps you a lot in doing any task.

All these software are free as long as you know how to use them. But most important you know a platform that helps you a lot in typing.

Then you need to know about another platform that gives you good payment for typing.

That's why in this article we have found a unique typing platform that is very helpful for you.

There are also many people who have not done online earning to date and have not earned even a single penny from the online field.

I also request that if you really want to earn money online, then you must read this article completely and understand it so that you can earn money online at home by just typing.

If you skip and read the article then you will not understand at all and then you will not be able to earn online.

One of the best things about the platforms we are going to tell you about is that they don't require you to take any kind of test. Most platforms require you to test your English grammar.

If your grammar test is good then they select you and pay you for typing.

But in the platform that we are going to tell you, you don't have to take any kind of test, you earn from here absolutely free, you just have to go and write articles and you start earning. will go

You are in any country of the world you can earn online from this platform sitting at home it is an international platform so you can work on it from all over the world.

But again let me tell you that you must work on it and learn it well then you will get successful.

So let's go and follow all the steps to understand how much

How to start working:

So the first thing you have to do is visit the website called Learning for Justice, you will find it very easily on Google Chrome.

You have to open this website. It is an organization website. Here you are taught many skills.

And articles are also written about each topic, this website is very helpful for you, you also get to learn many skills here.

The topics on which articles have already been written here, you also have to write articles on the same topics, don't worry, we have taught you the complete method in this article, you just have to understand and start working.

Very easy task you can do easily you will find an about section here on this website you have to click on it here you will get all kinds of information about what this website is for. It has been created and how can be worked on, you can get all kinds of information from here.

 The owners of these websites have stated that their aim is to support students and educated people and various communities.

Here is your job, how to do the job. Here on the same page, you will find an option on the left side, write us, you have to click on it.

A new page will open in front of you and on this page, your mind will be completely clear.

The website has fully informed you that if you write articles for us according to our standards, then we will pay you.

If you want to write a short article, they have given you all the information on the about page, read it carefully and then start the work.

In the short article, you have to write an article of at least 1000 words, after that, they have told you what else you have to take care of, and you can go and read it.

So friends, if you have to write an article and send it, which is at least 1000 words, not less than that, otherwise your article will not be accepted when you write the article and send it, and if you If accepted by the Oracle website, you will get $500 which you can withdraw to any wallet.

So Friends is not a fun platform, so let me clear this too, this is not a fake platform, it is a 100% genuine and unique platform.

They have given you an email address on the About page, you have to send the article to them on the same email.

I will tell you how to write an article, so you can be completely carefree.

We have talked about short articles, but if you can write feature stories, which should be at least 1200 to 1800 words, then you have been given complete information about that, and you can also read it. You can follow it here

This website will give you 1.5 dollars per word which is a very amazing option if you still can't earn then you can never earn. In our view.

The rest of the information they have given is not to be ignored, you have to read it completely and then start working so that you have complete information from submitting articles to getting earnings and there is no difficulty.

Here as you go down you will get more and more you can do much work here.

But we have told you the main things to understand and the rest you have to visit the website to get complete information.

How to write an article:

So, friends, we are going to tell you a tool with the help of which you can write articles absolutely free and publish them on this website.

You simply have to open your Chat GPT account. If you have not created an account, you can create an account easily.

You have to create an account and open it. This tool doesn't directly write an article for you. You have to use a method to write this article, so you need that method too.

Coming here you have been given the command to act as an professional article writer and you have pressed enter a new page will appear in front of you.

So you will be given information on this page which will say that we will give you complete help to start writing the article.

After that, you have to go to the same website and from there you have to find which article you want to write.

You have to select that topic, that means if you want to write a short article, then you have to copy some part of the information given in the short article section from this website and go to the tool and paste it.

The purpose of this is that Chat GPT will know that he has to write an article of 1000 words, write a short article and this article will be published on this website.

This chat Gpt will automatically understand how it should work and will write you a unique article on the same topic that will also fulfill the requirements of this website.

As soon as you go and paste the copied text of this website in the command section, your article creation will start, you don't even need to give a sub-heading and title, it will be done automatically. will

So sir, what would be easier than that? Now do the work. If you can't even do that much work, then in our eyes you can't do anything. Just do what you are doing.

This is just one task we have given you, you can use it in many more ways which we will learn about in another article.

How to submit an article:

As soon as the article is created, you have to copy it and the section you have created the article from, that is, if you have created an article with a short section, then you have to copy the email address of that section.

You have to go to your e-mail box and put this e-mail there and send this complete article.

If you want to do some editing in the article, you can do it, but we do not recommend you do the editing. The article is professionally written.

But before sending, you have to do one more thing, you will get an option to email me, and you have to give the subject as well.

 While sending the article, you have to go again to Chat Gpt and you have to give the command of all the missions.

So you have to give another small disclaimer and you have to copy and paste it into the subject and put your article below and send it.

In the disclaimer, you have to take care of one thing here you have to write sir/madam in the editor's name and you have to give your name at the bottom.

After that, if you want to give your contact number then you can give it too

You should also write this at the bottom of the disclaimer article below

But if you don't want to copy and paste the article, it would be better if you create an MS Word file and attach it or create an Excel file and attach it. do it

You have to submit the article by creating a file, but if you submit the article without the file here, you may not get the article accepted.

How to get your earnings:

After that, we will discuss how you will get the earnings as soon as your article is published on the website. Contact will ask you for the payment method and send you your e-ring

So if you got to learn something new from this article of ours then do share it and share your valuable feedback in the comment box below. Thanks

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