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make money online from home

Hello friends!

If you also want to earn online at home using the internet on your mobile or computer, then this article is for you.

First, you have to read this short article in full and understand this thing well, what it does, and how to do it.

We will tell you in a very simple way and you will understand and do it and you will also understand how you can earn online.

As you know blogging is the world's number one online earning method and millions of people are earning millions of dollars sitting at home doing this job.

So in today's article, we are going to share a unique method of earning through blogging which you can easily do and earn online very easily.

So let's start our topic

Why and How to Blogging:

Like many people get away from blogs because they don't know how to write articles for blogging or they don't have enough time to write an article or something like that many other problems arise.

So we have brought you the solution to all these things in this article, you will now find it very easy to start blogging, and after reading this article you will be 100% able to start a blog.

We have brought you a tool that will automatically write articles on your desired topic.

Whatever topic you want to get articles on, this tool will write it for you.

The name of this tool is copywriter.ai on it you simply create an account and start your work but let me tell you about this tool paid you have to buy.

In this, when you create a fresh account, you get the opportunity to write 2 articles for free, after which you have to pay.

All you have to do is give it a title and it will auto-write your articles and then tell you that it will write you 101% unique articles.

In this, you do not get to see any kind of plagiarism or any kind of copyright issue.

You can also edit and download the article written in this tool, but if you don't want to download and edit, you can simply copy and paste it from here and directly paste it on your blog.

You must know that if you search any Google website and copy and paste any article from there on your blog, your website will never get Google Adsense approval. did not work uniquely.

But Google accepts your unique work. If you are thinking that the article written in this tool can also be a copyright issue, then you are wrong. This tool will write you a 100% unique article. will give

But still, if you don't believe it then you can copy the article written in this tool and go to google chrome and search for a website called duplicate checker.com with your copied article. Paste.

This will tell the website whether your article is unique or not and if it is copyrighted, how much percentage is copyrighted, and how unique it is.

This website will be of great help to you

If your article has some copyright issues then you should use another website called spinbot.com paste the article and spin it on any of your websites. The copied article will make the website unique.

So this was some basic information about this tool you can run your blogger website using it and earn millions of dollars online from your home blog.

How to publish your article:

When you have done all this, you have to go to your blogger and click on the new post from where you published the article.

Paste the article you have written into your blog, change it to a good font and add subheadings and give your article a professional look so that your article looks very beautiful.

After that, you have to create a good image for your blog article, for that you have to go to Kanwa.com, and from there you can create a picture of a blog size 400x400 and paste it into your blog article.

If you don't know how to make a picture, you can learn all these things by watching any tutorial on YouTube.

After that, you have to give a good searchable title and searchable description to publish your article.

Similarly, you have to write 30/35 articles and publish them on your website. When your website starts getting some traffic, you have to apply for Google Adsense.

Once your website is uploaded, you will start earning and gradually your earnings will increase.

So if you want to get absolutely more information from bloggers and want to the complete course then you can go to the blogger menu above on the website and complete the blog course and you can learn more from our website. will get

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