Dont be put off by riots France tells tourists and foreign investors

The Riots in France: What Happened and Why?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Who is Bruno Le Maire?
  • What Are Investors and Tourists?
  • The Riot in France
  • 4.1 The Protesters' Anger
  • 4.2 Destruction and Chaos
  • How Does Rioting Affect the Country?
  • 5.1 The Economy Gets Hurt
  • 5.2 People Feel Scared
  • Why Do People Riot?
  • 6.1 Feeling Unheard
  • 6.2 Frustration and Anger
  • What Can We Learn from This?
  • 7.1 Peaceful Ways to Make a Difference
  • 7.2 Listening to Others
  • Conclusion


Hey there, little buddy! Today, I want to tell you a story about something that happened in a country called France. It's about some people who got really angry and started breaking things. Let's find out more!

Who is Bruno Le Maire?

Bruno Le Maire is a person who works for the government in France. You know how your teacher helps make sure everyone follows the rules in your classroom? Well, Bruno Le Maire helps make sure everyone follows the rules in France. He's kind of like the teacher of the country!

What Are Investors and Tourists?

Investors and tourists are special visitors who come to a country. Imagine you have a really cool toy that other kids want to play with. They might give you some of their snacks or even money to play with your toy. That's what investors do. They give money to a country to help it grow and become better. Tourists are like people who go on vacation. They visit different places and spend money to have fun and learn about new things.

The Riot in France

4.1 The Protesters' Anger

One day, a lot of people in France became very angry. They were upset about some things that were happening in their country. It's like when you get really mad because someone takes your favorite toy without asking. These people felt like someone was not listening to them, and they wanted to make sure their voices were heard.

4.2 Destruction and Chaos

Unfortunately, instead of talking peacefully and finding a solution, some of these angry people started breaking things. They started setting fires, throwing things, and causing a lot of trouble. Can you imagine if you and your friends started throwing toys and breaking things in your classroom? It would be chaotic and dangerous, right?

How Does Rioting Affect the Country?

5.1 The Economy Gets Hurt

When people start breaking things, it can cause a lot of problems for a country. The stores where people buy their toys, clothes, and snacks can get damaged or even destroyed. This means people can't buy the things they need, and the country's economy gets hurt. It's like if all the toy stores in your town got broken into and closed down. That would be a big problem, wouldn't it?

5.2 People Feel Scared

Riots also make people feel scared. Imagine if you were playing peacefully with your toys, and suddenly a bunch of loud noises started outside your house. You might feel scared and want to hide. That's how people feel during riots. They worry about their safety and the safety of their friends and family.

Why Do People Riot?

6.1 Feeling Unheard

Sometimes, when people have problems, they feel like nobody is listening to them. It's like when you try to tell your parents something important, but they are busy and don't pay attention to you. That can make you frustrated and angry, right? Well, some people feel the same way. They think rioting is the only way to make others notice their problems.

6.2 Frustration and Anger

When people are frustrated and angry, they might not think clearly. They might forget that there are other ways to solve problems peacefully. It's like when you get so mad that you want to hit someone, even though hitting is not the right thing to do. Taking deep breaths and talking about our feelings can help us find better solutions.

What Can We Learn from This?

7.1 Peaceful Ways to Make a Difference

Even though it's important to stand up for what we believe in, we should always try to find peaceful ways to make a difference. We can talk to people who can help, like our teachers or parents, and tell them what's bothering us. We can also write letters, draw pictures, or use our words to express our feelings and ideas.

7.2 Listening to Others

It's not only important to express ourselves but also to listen to others. When we listen to what others have to say, we can understand their feelings and find common ground. Just like sharing our toys with friends, sharing our thoughts and listening to others can make everyone happier and solve problems together.


So, my little friend, that's the story of the riots in France. We learned that sometimes people get very angry and start breaking things when they feel unheard. However, it's important to remember that there are better ways to solve problems and make our voices heard. We can talk, listen, and find peaceful solutions together. Remember, using our words and our hearts can create a world where everyone feels understood and loved.


  1. Why did people start rioting in France? People started rioting because they felt like nobody was listening to their problems and concerns.

  2. Did the rioting in France hurt the country's economy? Yes, the rioting caused damage to stores and businesses, which affected the country's economy.

  3. Can riots make people feel scared? Yes, riots can make people feel scared because they involve loud noises, destruction, and chaos.

  4. Are there other ways to make a difference without rioting? Absolutely! We can make a difference by talking to people who can help, expressing our feelings peacefully, and listening to others.

  5. How can we solve problems peacefully? We can solve problems peacefully by using our words, listening to others, and finding common ground.

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